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The Glass Menagerie 

‣  The Lyons

By Nicky Silver

Directed Kellie Y Raines

Theatre Adventure

Like any theatre company, we started with a desire to tell a story. With the help of California Stage and a few friends, that desire was met...and Resurrection Theatre Company was born. As the years have passed, a vast bastion of local talent has come into this company, leaving their marks with their performances, lighting, designs, direction, and devotion to the shared human experience of theatre.The love and energy of these people allowed us to present wonderful works of art.And we still have stories to tell. 

Please join us in 2014 for these exciting shows!

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Tel: 916-223-9568 - 1723 25th St. Sacramento, CA 95816

The Glass Menagerie 
​​​By Tennessee Williams​​​

‣ Directed by Margaret Morneau

‣ Lee Marie Kelly as Amanda Wingfield
‣ Matt Rives as Tom Wingfield
‣ Katie Kemp as Laura Wingfield
‣ Eric Craig as Jim O'Connor 

Aug 21 – Sept 12 

Fri & Sat 8PM - Wilkerson Theater

Striving to produce an exceptional intimate theatre adventure.

2015 Season

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(916) 223-9568


1723 25th Street (R&25th) 

Sacramento, CA

​​​Tennessee Williams’  The classic and poignant story of a family trapped in a world of illusions and stifled dreams.  The drama explores the struggle of a young man’s desire to escape life’s drudgery and realize his life’s dreams; a mother’s domineering drive to recreate an Old Southern courtship for her crippled daughter; a gentleman caller whose dreams have long been dashed and covered over with false egoism; and a young lady who tempts imprisonment in her self-made cage filled with glass figurines.

​​By Tennessee Williams​​​​ 

‣  10 X 10 Play Festival 

10 Original, 10 Min, $10

By Local Playwrights

‣  Torch Song Trilogy

By Harvey Fierstein 

Directed by Michael RJ Campbell                    & Sabrina Fiora

Theatre Company



‣  Gods Ear

By Jenny Schwartz

Directed by Shawn B O'Neal

‣  The Glass Menagerie 

By Tennessee Williams

Directed by Margaret Morneau