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Caleb Larrosa-Colombo as Bob
Julian Rey Ortega as Xavier
Alexander Quinonez as Tig
Jesse Larrosa-Colombo as Martin 
Patricia Schmeltz as Rake
Thomas Dean as Dopey
Ernesto Bustos as Ernesto
Justin Kortuem as Tim

Lee Anthony Williams as Carlo

Kelsey Williams as Terry

Aerin Morneau as Rust

Meghan Cazadio as Judy

Matt Fairall as Fick
​Michelle Champoux as Babe

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Balm In Gilead
By Lanford Wilson
Directed by Margaret Morneau
​​​​​Set in Frank's cafe, a greasy spoon diner in New York City's Upper Broadway neighborhood, Balm in Gilead loosely centers on Joe, a cynical drug dealer, and Darlene, a naïve new arrival to the big city, over the course of three days. Joe and Darlene spend the night together hours after meeting, but he soon pushes her away, overwhelmed by his debt to a local kingpin named Chuckles. Darlene, meanwhile, finds herself ill-equipped to handle life in a New York slum, and she becomes increasingly vulnerable to the attentions of the various low-rent men who hang around the café looking for an easy target.


Balm In Gilead players: ​

​​​​Phone: 916.491.0940
Balm in gilead

March 16 - APRIL 7
fRI/sAT 8PM 
1723 25TH sT, (r/25TH)
sACRAMENTO ca, 95816 

Jayna Anderson as Kay
​Tory Scroggins as Franny
​Logan Tipton as David

Mia Boyer as Bonnie

Aviv Hannan as Ann

TBA as Stranger

Grid Lee Magraf as Frank

David Kamminga as Al

Vernon Lewis as Joe
​Stephen Watson as John

Jennifer Berry as Darlene

Adriana Marmo as Entertainer 
Liz Erin as Entertainer
Monica Vejar as Entertainer