Resurrection Theatre

The Sleeper
playing March 13 - April 4, 2020 
​Wilkerson Theatre

1723 25TH ST, (R/25TH)


SHOW: The Sleeper
DATE: March 13 - April 4
               1723 25TH ST, (R/25TH)
               SACRAMENTO, CA 95816

Beth Edwards, Shawn O'Neal, Adrienne Sher, Steven Minow
​God of Carnage (2017)

A Flea in Her Ear - a new version of Georges Feydeau's farce by David Ives (opens Oct 30, 2020)
Directed by Sabrina Fiora-Beach

DATE & TIME: Sat, April 25 at 11 AM  -  PLACE: The CAL STAGE complex - corner of R & 25th 
Show dates at October 30 – November 21

A FLEA IN HER EAR is the greatest of French farces, perhaps the greatest farce ever written. David Ives is known for his infamous plays about wacky characters that transform the stage into a world of comic bits. His new version of George Feydeau’s play A Flea in Her Ear is no exception to his theatrical comic genius as actors tackle unusual subject matter that unveils the various cracks that can occur in the fragile relationships between men and women.

Please see the Facebook audition event for characters and their descriptions.

A suburban "security mom," shell-shocked by the new post 9/11 reality, finds herself irresistibly drawn to her son's tutor, a handsome young man with political leanings far different from her own. Her "awakening" leads to a bizarre series of events that blow the lid off her previously sheltered existence and change the lives of all around her. A dark and slightly zany comedy.

Directed by Aerin Morneau

AD/Stage Manager: Shay Riffel

Melita Ann Deci (Sister Cities)
Jeff Machado (Blithe Spirit)
Trish Schmeltz (Balm in Gilead)
Said Noori (Frankenstein, The Guardians)
Katie Hules (The Book of Liz, As Is)
Lee Anthony Williams (The Guardians, As Is)
Stephen Watson (Picasso at the Lapin Agile)