Resurrection Theatre 

Oct 14 - Oct 15 - 11:00AM - Cal Stage R/25
Balm in Gilead

Set in Frank's cafe, a greasy spoon diner in New York City's Upper Broadway neighborhood, Balm in Gilead loosely centers on Joe, a cynical drug dealer, and Darlene, a naïve new arrival to the big city, over the course of three days. Joe and Darlene spend the night together hours after meeting, but he soon pushes her away, overwhelmed by his debt to a local kingpin named Chuckles. Darlene, meanwhile, finds herself ill-equipped to handle life in a New York slum, and she becomes increasingly vulnerable to the attentions of the various low-rent men who hang around the café looking for an easy target.
A number of "hoods" (A general term that could cover almost everyone in the play, but defines more specifically the petty thieves, bargainers, hagglers, pimps. They will steal anything from anyone and sell anything including themselves to any man or woman with the money, although they could not be described as homosexuals. Their activities in this area are ·few and not often mentioned. Most of the characters are about twenty-three to thirty years old unless otherwise noted.


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Title: Balm in Gilead
By: Landford WIlson
Directed by: 
​Margaret Morneau
When: 10/15 & 10/16 11:00
Where: Cal Stage
​1723 25th st Sac 95816