Available Roles:

  • Charles Condomine - 40s, An intelligent and urbane English novelist. Charles is the husband of Ruth Condomine and deceased first wife, Elvira. 
  • Ruth Condomine - A smart looking woman in her 30s, Ruth is the wife of Charles and jealous of Charles's relationship with his first wife. 
  • Dr. Bradman - A pleasant-looking middle-aged man, Dr. Bradman is a friend of the Condomines. 
  • Mrs. Bradman - The middle aged wife of Dr. Bradman and a bit faded. 
  • Madame Arcati - A middle-aged spiritualist, Madame Arcati is a striking woman and not too extravagant but has a definite bias toward the barbaric. 
  • Elvira - Charles's deceased first wife, Elvira returns as a ghost with a goal and she makes Charles's and Ruth's lives very complicated. 
  • Edith - The Condomine's maid, Edith is always in a hurry.

​Show: Blithe Spirit
Where: Wilkerson theatre (R/25th)
When: April 1, 2 @ 11:00
Callbacks: tba

Rehearsals: Late Aug

run: Oct 27 - Nov 18 
*Cold readings from the script
*Sides available


Phone: 916.491.0940 / 1723 25th St. Sac, CA 95816 (R&25th)


Charles Condomine, a fussy, cantankerous novelist, and his wife, Ruth, have invited their friends Dr. and Mrs. Bradman to join them for drinks and dinner with a local clairvoyant, Madame Arcati. 
Hoping to gather material for his next book, Charles has Madame Arcati conduct a seance. The scheme backfires when he is haunted by the ghost of his annoying and temperamental first wife, Elvira. 

Rehearsals begin late August. Show runs October 27 - November 18.



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