Balm In Gilead 
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Resurrection Theatre 

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Phone: 916.491.0940 / 1723 25th St. Sac, CA 95816 (R&25th)

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Striving to produce an exceptional intimate theatre adventure.
Like any theatre company, we started with a desire to tell a story. With the help of California Stage and a few friends, that desire was met...and Resurrection Theatre Company was born. As the years have passed, a vast bastion of local talent has come into this company, leaving their marks with their performances, lighting, designs, direction, and devotion to the shared human experience of theatre. The love and energy of these people allowed us to present wonderful works of art. 

Resurrection Theatre 
1723 25TH STREET ​SACRAMENTO, CA 95816 (R&25TH)

YOU make it possible....It’s true, you do!
Revenue from ticket sales covers only 60% of the expenses for our shows. The balance of our production costs are covered by grant funding, and sponsorship and donations from patrons and supporters like YOU!" 

​Tax-deductible contributions to Resurrection Theatre of any amount are heartily acknowledged, deeply appreciated, and very well used. 

Resurrection Theatre